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A Zine of musings on the concept of renewal.

Like the snake, we must constantly renew ourselves - shed what no longer serves us, making space for light and a shiny new skin to carry us forward in. Like all our Ephemera editions, we invite you to use the pages of this zine for self reflection and journalling.

Perfect for flicking through the tangible pages with a cup of tea, or keeping close by for inspiration. The zine can also make for beautiful props in styled shoots, to inspire creativity!

Printing Processes: Letterpressed with modern printing plates, and hand set vintage type, hand carved printing stamp

Hand bound with copper staples, 16 pages, 8 letterpress printed.

Finished with vellum band

Available as a bi-monthly zine subscription, where we will send out a new edition as they are released every two months. Choose the Zine Subscription which is purely the latest zine packaged in our custom envelopes, or upgrade to the Luxe Subscription which includes 3 additional stationery treasures. These include sample art prints, mini handmade notebooks, tassels, greeting cards or tags from the collection, magical mis-prints and other surprises ~ all carefully selected to create a wonderful paper package. More info on the subscriptions can be found here