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Create a set of handmade papers made from 100% cotton and studio offcuts in the beautiful Little Press environment. With raw deckle edges and organic textures we will explore adding native flowers and details to each sheet. Once dried they can make beautiful one of a kind sheets to hold the space for art and creativity - you could even bring them to our Ink & Charcoal workshop, or Gouache workshop! 

No experience necessary and all materials provided.

Take home:
- a set of handmade paper sheets with deckled edges
- learn how to hand make paper and how you could DIY this at home  

Thursday 6th June 5-7pm

We are located on the main street of Margaret River, with wonderful restaurants and cool bars just meters away! Free street parking is available.

Heather is a Western Australian artist, and a new member to the The Little Press flagship store. She is deeply inspired by the wild beauty we’re so blessed to have in this corner of the world, one that she now calls home. Her works often focus on the many little details and textures that exist within the vast, rugged landscapes around us. Nature is so interesting, and she’s committed to encouraging a curious mind about it. 

Heather has a recent degree in Fine Arts, and is drawn to the slow methodologies available in printmaking, paper-making, drawing, and painting; as they allow for an intentionality and reflectiveness. She’s excited to use her experience to help facilitate spaces for people to come together and create!