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We moved to the country and opened a flagship store!

It’s been a couple of years in the making, and many more years of dreaming before that. After 8 years in West Perth we wanted to be closer to nature, grow our veggies, have more trees around us. We’ve been slowly building our dream home for a couple of years, but for the studio, I honestly left it to the very last minute, as I just had a feeling that ‘something would come up’. We had our eye on this cute shop for a couple of years, and when it came back up for lease, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect - it worked out to be the same month our very-delayed home was finally ready to move into.

The shop had a lot of work to do, and there were weeks of diy painting to make it the beautiful clean slate it is now. I couldn’t be more proud of the flagship store, grateful to call this beautiful part of the world home, and humbled at the really warm response we’ve had from the Marg’s locals.

We love the shop because we can operate our studio from here, with rooms for storage, printing and production, with the little shop front space to showcase all our work. The shop will hold space for lots of creative ideas and events and we’re so excited to start this journey! If you’re ever in Margs next, make sure to pop by!